Building Awareness

We never know when a child may enter the foster care system or for how long that child will need care and support. At the Coalition, we know that, in order for counties and communities across Wisconsin to have enough homes and families no matter when a need arises, we must continue to inspire more families to consider becoming foster or adoptive parents. Here are some of the ways we do that:

Providing Information & Support

We believe that providing parents with access to the support, resources, and tools they need when they need them is critical to helping families be strong and resilient. We continually encourage parents and caregivers to reach out when they need help, when they have questions, or when they simply need someone to talk to. We offer:

  • Resource Specialists who are available to listen and provide guidance, information, support, and resources specific to each individual’s family situation
    • In 2020, we responded to over 1,800 individuals
  • A comprehensive family of websites that include free information packets about foster care and the different types of adoption, articles, lists of helpful websites, and more
    • In 2020, we hosted nearly 200,000 website sessions
  • A weekly email newsletter that includes the latest information on programs, events, resources, tips, and more
    • Currently over 6,000 subscribers
  • A free Lending Library of materials related to foster care and adoption (books, DVDs, electronic newsletters, etc.) available to check out in person or online
    • Our informational tip sheets were downloaded over 6,000 times in 2020

Offering Ongoing Learning Opportunities

There is so much that parents and caregivers need to know on a daily basis. For foster, kinship, and adoptive parents, there is very often a whole additional world of learning to engage with. At the Coalition, we know that learning is never done. We want parents and caregivers to focus on being and doing the best for the kids in their care. They can know and feel confident in the knowledge that the staff at the Coalition is keeping up with the pulse and pace of learning and bringing them the best and most relevant resources, tips, information, and training. Our training platform, called Champion Classrooms, is an online portal connecting families to a wide variety of learning and connection opportunities such as:

  • Live webinars that learners can join from their own home (or other location of their choosing)
  • Recorded webinars for the times when a parent can’t join the presentation live
  • Mini-courses that blend education with conversational support from other parents who have shared similar experiences
    • As of 2020, more than 3,500 courses and classes have been utilized in the Champion Classrooms
  • Courses for beginning, intermediate, and advanced parents and caregivers that allow learners to work at their own pace and on their own time
    • Currently, 2,300 learners registered in the Champion Classrooms