Reunification Month 2024: Shifting Power and Reconnecting Families All Year Long

It’s easy to think that successful reunification is solely dependent on the efforts of birth parents. But did you know that a cooperative and connected relationship between birth parents and foster parents is one of the best indicators of positive outcomes for children and youth in foster care? Not only does a good working relationship help minimize the trauma of family separation for everyone involved, but it also helps get children home sooner.

Whether you’re a birth parent, relative caregiver, foster parent, guardian, or social worker, there is action you can take to support reunification:

  • Put the child’s best interest first and foremost
  • Strive for open and honest communication
  • Engage from the onset to build respectful, compassionate relationships

Together, we can support safe and stable families and help children get where they want to be: home with family.

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