No Matter What: Grief Is Part of the Fabric of Adoption

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It feels fitting, as we enter a season of holidays, family gatherings, and traditions, that we take a mindful moment to remember the role of grief in the hearts of many involved in foster, adoptive, and relative caregiving families.

In this “No Matter What Families” video, foster and adoptive mom Peg gives us all the wise reminder that, “while we are receiving a precious gift, our children are experiencing a loss.”

We are reminded throughout this video that we don’t need to hide from grief or act like it doesn’t exist. What our experienced foster, adoptive, and relative caregivers and parents encourage us to do is to face it, and acknowledge its existence and the truth in the hearts of our little (and big) ones. Understanding that grief is natural and modeling empathetic responses to it can help the children in our care heal and grow.

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