Just Published–Foster Care, Grief & Loss: Winter 2021 Fostering Across Wisconsin

In welcoming a child into your home, you become an essential part of their life. You provide love, comfort, care, safety, and stability. And you are keenly aware that the child entrusted into your care could be with you for hours, days, weeks, months, or even years. Fostering a child requires an emotional investment and commitment by everyone in your family. You will all experience complex emotions, from love and joy to grief and loss and the myriad emotions in between. This issue of Fostering Across Wisconsin takes a look at grief and loss for everyone from birth parents to foster parents to birth children in a foster family.

Articles included are titled:

  • Facing Grief and Loss as a Foster Family
  • Through the Lens of Loss: How You Can Help Children Heal
  • The Ones Who Stay: How Birth Children in Foster Families Handle Loss
  • The Cycle of Grief: Birth Parents, Loss & Healing
  • Resources from the Coalition

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