Resources for Technology Day

Can you imagine a world without technology? Things change rapidly and it can be hard to keep up!

Here at the Coalition, we are harnessing the power of technology in many ways, including our training delivery platform, Champion Classrooms, and our No Matter What Families website.

  • Champion Classrooms is your online portal to webinars, conferences, on-demand courses, and more from the Coalition. Registration on the site is free; courses and classes vary in price. See the site for details!
  • No Matter What Families is a one-of-its-kind website featuring videos of real foster, adoptive, and relative families talking about their moments of struggle and success. In addition to being able to hear these stories and be inspired by how other families like yours have overcome struggles, fears, and difficult times, you will also find additional resources to help you on your journey.

We’ve also put together a list of resources that may help you and your family navigate technology a bit more easily:

Free Downloads from our Lending Library

Books & Resources from our Lending Library