Let’s Talk: Back to School Challenges

There is no doubt that the back to school season can be overwhelming for everyone in the family. For children touched by foster care and adoption, back to school time can bring up complicated emotions. And, for parents, it can mean new systems that are often difficult to navigate. So let’s talk!

Join us for this interactive webinar to share ideas and help make the transition back to school smoother for everyone. This webinar will include a discussion about:

  • IEP’s and 504 plans
  • Working with school staff
  • Class projects that may trigger big feelings for our children touched by foster care and adoption
  • How can routines help
  • Much more!

About the Trainer: Peg Cadd is a Resource Specialist with the Coalition for Children, Youth & Families. As a foster and adoptive mom for over 30 years, and a foster parent trainer, Peg has extensive experience working with foster and birth families. She understands that the best outcomes for our children are when we work cooperatively in the best interest of the child.

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